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When its cold outside our heating products will keep you warm, cozy and happy for many years to come. Our Flagship heating products Quadra-Fire & Fahrenheit Technologies are both industry leading products that deliver outstanding performance with outstanding efficiency. If you want to get the most Green heat for the least Green cash then you need to stop in and let us show you the best heating products with the best service in the Canisteo Valley!

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Man created fire. Quadra-Fire made it 4x better.
When it comes to creating ambiance and warmth in a home, nothing beats a fireplace, especially during the colder time of year. But did you know that the right fireplace or stove can also help reduce your heating bills? Or that your existing fireplace’s efficiency can be boosted significantly by installing a modern insert? Ambiance, Warmth, greater energy efficiency and lower heating bills and all for less money than you might think?
Great Features, Great Value, Great Service, that’s the Quadra-Fire and Kilbury’s difference!

Quadra-Fire 4-Point Combustion System = Maximum efficiency and a cleaner burn.
Quadra-Fire’s patented Four-Point Combustion System makes one fire become four times more efficient. This unique secondary burn process burns the smoke within four distinct zones of the firebox, which equals cleaner air, less chimney maintenance and fewer trips to the woodpile.
Here’s how this process works:

What this means to you:
1. Air flows into the heart of the fire.
2. Shield of air behind the door aids combustion and keeps glass clean.
3. Superheated air ignites flammable gases rising from the wood.
4. Remaining impurities are burned above the baffle before they can escape up the chimney.

FireBrick Technology

Direct vent FireBrick™* gas fireplaces and inserts you get the warmth and glow of a real wood burning fire without any of the hassle. FireBrick products are AFUE rated, energy efficient, and offer an airtight seal, for peace of mind and comfort. This patented ceramic fiber material has an extremely high insulation factor that allows it to tolerate more heat, trap more heat and radiate significantly more heat into a room than a metal fireplace or insert. Combine these unique qualities and you get the additional benefit of a quieter fireplace because no fan is needed. When you add any FireBrick product to the wide range of fireplace control options a warm, cozy room is just a flip of the switch away.

Direct Vent Technology
Unvented or vent free fireplaces can literally turn your house into a chimney, causing health problems for your family. With direct vent fireplaces you get a sealed combustion chamber that draws in fresh air from outdoors and discards all combustion by-products back outside, so all you feel is warm radiant heat.

So, leave these unwanted pests out of your home with direct vent technology.

And preserve your indoor air quality by preventing carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and excess moisture from entering the home.

The IntelliFire Ignition System has an “intelligent” control system that puts the comfort of a roaring fire all at your fingertips with the added benefit of exceptional energy conservation. IntelliFire features an intermittent-pilot ignition (IPI) that allows you to conserve fuel and money when the fireplace is not being used. In cold climates you can switch to the constant pilot mode which allows you to leave the pilot flame on.

The system offers built-in safety features and memory settings as well as seamless transition from AC to battery backup in a power outage. The new line of IntelliFire wireless controls provide features and benefits that every homeowner desires.

Zone Heating
Why heat your entire home when you can heat just WHERE you need it and only WHEN you need it?

Did you know that Zone heating can help save up to 40% off your heating bills? That’s right; cut your heating bill by almost Half! Studies have shown that Zone Heating can produce energy savings of 20-40 percent.* Your homes main furnace turns on and off many times an hour and heats your entire house, even unoccupied rooms wasting money. Heating only the rooms your family occupies most allows you to decrease your fuel bill because you can turn down the thermostat for the main house furnace. Modern fireplaces, stoves and inserts can warm specific living areas of your home while at the same time reducing household fuel consumption, conserving energy, and saving you money. Quadra-Fire’s line of heating products will add warmth, ambiance and charm to any room, plus, they can add investment value to your home.

* ACEE 1990 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Proceedings. Vol. 9.

Fahrenheit Technologies- Endurance 50F Biomass Furnaces
Endurance is the most efficient biomass furnace on the market because they've engineered the Endurance to produce more usable heat. Simply put, you get more heat from wood pellets, wheat pellets, corn, cherry pits or other biomass fuel. Endurance is easy to use and maintain. You can heat with shelled corn, wood pellets, or other biomass fuels, investing your heating dollars in renewable fuels that are locally grown. Installed as a stand-alone furnace, an add-on furnace or in-room stove, Endurance combines the environmental benefits of biomass fuel, with the convenience of self-cleaning, low-maintenance operation. The result is a high-performance heating unit that's easy to use, cost-effective, and satisfying to own.

The ENDURANCE 50F Technology and Features:
Thuroheat™ Delivers More Heat

Thuroheat™ is a multi-stage airflow design that delivers more usable heat to your home. Endurance draws cold air, warming it across the preheat manifold, then through a high-performance heat exchanger with 18 ft. of stainless steel heating tubes. The result is more thorough heat transfer, higher output at the plenum and minimal waste heat at the exhaust.
Maximum BTU Output

Many furnace manufacturers boast high BTUs, but these numbers can be misleading because they’re based on combustion BTUs, not actual furnace output. High BTU numbers simply means high energy consumed not high heat delivered to you. When shopping for a furnace, think of it like buying a car. Do you want gas guzzling low MPG or do you want fuel efficient high MPG? It’s all about how energy efficient is your furnace and how much energy is consumed compared to the amount of heat output to your home.

Fully Programmable LCD Controls

It doesn’t get any easier than this, ‘set-and-forget’ your heating preferences from the LCD display, change fuel type, blower, ignition mode and other settings with the simple push button control panel.
Furnace or Stove in the same unit

Endurance gives you the flexibility to use the same unit as a stand-alone furnace, add-on furnace, or as a stove.

Cyclean™ Technology Minimizes Cleaning

Patent-pending Cyclean™ is a self-cleaning fire pot that automatically discharges a light ash wafer while maintaining the flame, assuring a continuous, uninterrupted fire.

Larger Hopper options
The standard hopper Holds 112 pounds for longer burn times with fewer loads, add the optional Hopper Extension for 250lbs total capacity.

The auto shut-off after periods of ‘no heat required’ saves you fuel and money. The system automatically re-ignites when heat is called for.

Multi-Fuel Firepot for Greater Flexibility
You’re free to burn whichever biomass fuel is most convenient, and lowest cost because the stainless steel firepot easily burns dried corn, wood pellets, grain pellets, cherry pits and other fuels.

Autostart Ignition
Electronic ignition eliminates matches and messy starter mixes and allows ‘set-and-forget’ thermostat setting.

Tax Incentives
Visit for information on state, local, and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Kilbury’s professional installation & service and Fahrenheit Technologies- Endurance 50F Biomass Furnace = More Heat. Less Hassle. We guarantee it!

We would gladly demonstrate and explain any and all of the features of these award winning heating products so please call or come in and let us help keep you warm all winter long.



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